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What web reviews says abt PANDURANGADU...


Apart from his Massive star image Balakrishna has his unique record of enacting in variety of roles in various genres.Films like Aditya 369,Bhairava Dweepam and now Pandurangadu showcases his versatility and proves that in his generation of actors he is the true successor of Legend NTR not because of blood but because of his talent,screen presence and dare to attempt such films&charecters.Balakrishna's performance in dual role of Lord Krishna & Rangadu standsout.He looks awesome as Lord Krishna.His acting in this film can be said as one of his finest performances in his career. [onion dosa]

Balakrishna looked best in Lord Krishna's role. He appeared like Nata Rathna NTR in many frames in Lord Krishna's get up. His color on his body was very dark in some scenes but on a whole that is not disturbing any way. His role as Pundareeka in negative shades also grooved well. He must be appreciated for picking up this role. {greatandhra}

Expectedly, Balakrishna shines in the role of Lord Krishna. Of the two roles he played, it is Krishna's role that scores although his performance as Bhakta towards the climax is good. [telugucinema]

MM Keeravani's music is the backbone of the movie.The songs,bit songs and the background score are very good.

Technically, there is only one person’s work that dominates throughout the movie - Keeravani's. Simply, he is marvelous. Added to his great swaras, lyrics compliment them perfectly.

Last 40 minutes of the movie is the biggest asset for the film with magnanimous acting of Balakrishna and arresting songs Matrudevobhava,Hey Krishna Mukunda Murari,Neelamegha, Emani Adaganu.

Final report:

'Pandurangadu' is definitely the subject that has elements to make a commercial film. The subject has ample rakthi along with bhakti. Both these bhakti and rakhti should overlap in right manner. But that didn't happen here. Only in the second half (especially from the appearance of Mohan Babu's role), the spirit of the film is underlined. Last 30 minutes has enough of devotional fervor.

Balakrishna's fans can finally heave sigh of the relief. K Raghavendra Rao and M M Keeravani's magical combination works again. Last 45 minutes and music are Pandurangadu's biggest strengths. Balakrishna shines in the role of Lord Krishna. While the first half has overdose of 'glamour' (cleavage show), second half has elevated the movie. On the whole it is worth watching for post-interval episodes and excellent songs.

Public Talk : Good Movie.Worth watching.

Industry Talk : Movie got Good talk allover.Success takes time to decide the range of success,it depends on how the class receives the mass hero and how
the mass receives the classic.

anni reviews chadivina tarvatha inka final conclusion enti ante..CONGRATS TO BALAYYA FANS...




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