PARUGU - 1st half Report!

The 1st half of the movie has just completed. The report says that the movie is average so far. One song has been well picturised while the other two are so so. The pace of the movie seems to be a bit of a concern. The comedy too is said to be mediocre. As per our reports if the movie continues with the same pace in the 2nd half too, it will be a tough task for the movie to stand in the summer race. The movie has not been that intresting so far. Looks like the second movie syndrome is starting to show up slowly!

1st half Verdict - Definetly not a Bommarillu!

2nd half Report :

The show has completed and as we have said earlier the movie stands out to be an average fare overall. The movie runs at a very slow pace and is more of message oriented. The songs are not upto the mark both in audio and picturisation as well. We have to wait and see how the public will take the message of the movie. Bommarillu's goodwill might pull the summer crowds initially but all in all its not upto the mark and failed to reach the expectations!

Final Verdict - Average to Below average filck!

source: prawasi

report from premier show

Bottom-Line A good narrative and a strong subject, with some humor and music added in good measure-Parugu is another movie from Dil Raju-Bhaskar that is likeable. It may not be up to Bommarillu's standards because the subject itself has been dealt with several times before and there is a lack of freshness. Nonetheless, the movie is a good watch for once and Bhasker proves he's not a one film wonder.

the movie runtime is almost 2Hrs 50min.

public talk : below average
industry talk: not up to the mark. hardly it may break-even banking on the summer season but won't have a decent

"Comedy is ok. Songs are average. On a whole the movie is not worth"

Bottom Line: Second movie sentiment may work for Bhaskar as well.

PARUGU has some good moments in parts but on the whole it is a bog bore and huge disappointment




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