Arundathi A MUST WATCH FILM [Web Reviews]


First half of the film is excellent and the second half is good. The plus points of the film are performances, screenplay, technical values and grandeur. The only negative point I see in this film is violence (got an A certificate from censors), which is very much required for the film to be effective. After a long time, I watched a Telugu film that has both content and technology rightly mixed to give a vibrant output. Arundhati is a film which you can proudly show it as a Telugu film to all your non-Telugu friends. And it will live up to the adjective of ‘Magnum Opus’. Two thumbs up to Shyam Prasad Reddy for making a brilliant film. Don’t watch it on internet or pirated DVDs. Arundhati is a film that must be watched in a good theater with nice sound/projection system.


A credible piece of work from everyone. The script is so well written, so ingeniously handled and the costumes are in tune. The background score, the drum dance, the photography, the graphics or the dialogues …all are taut and gripping. It doesn't drag, and by the time the end credits roll…you leave the theatre gratified having read and seen a contemporary socio-fantasy. Thumbs up for MS Reddy.


While the film is a complete socio fantasy genre and it revolves completely around evil spirits and scary saints, one needs to look at it as a film only and not try and reason with the logic.

The content part is less but then it is the presentation and the performance that really made up for any shortcomings. The team has come up with a much enhanced and more impressive graphical treat after 'Ammoru' and this time; the horror aspect was quite high.

The amount of blood shown on the screen could have been reduced but then the seriousness and intensity is so high that everything looks convincing for that frame. The film lacks comedy or any mass elements but then, it has a rich presentation and the grandeur of its style and speed is worthy to be called a super hit. It appears that the Sankranti drought has finally been fulfilled with an exceptional visual treat. Don't miss it!!!

And it's a suggestion for weak hearts to keep away from horror shocks.

Bottom Line: ma karma kaali maku chennai lo release ledu. ledante ventane e movie ne choose vadini. avakasam unna vallu etti paristhitullo movie ni miss avvoddu




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