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First half of the film is entertaining. Second half is bit slow and becomes little repetitive towards the end.On a whole, Aakasamantha is a different film made on relationships and has ingredients that appeal to the family crowds in A centers.

The film has a message coated with entertainment and emotion. It has got message for fathers, message for daughters and message on a whole for every citizen. It shows how fathers should balance his feelings and possessiveness on their intelligent daughters. It portrays how daughters should understand the tender possessive feelings of responsible fathers. It shows a way for citizens how the society can be adopted to kick poverty and fence the nation with love. Apart from all these, it shows how great the sardarjees are and how bad to crack jokes on them. It also shows the humorous moments of life, sweet nothings and many more.

First half of the movie has got more humorous moments while the second half is filled with some emotion and message.On a whole it’s a movie that deserves patronage of all matured audiences. It’s family movie that holds the emotional levels. Mass audiences may not connect with the movie due to lack of speed and other elements.

Prathi Kuturu, Kuturu unna Thandri must ga choodalsina cinema. Akasamantha Preminchalem kani , Kachitham ga Premistam.

e movie tho patu release aina migatha cinemalu anni antha antha matram ga kuda levani public talk.




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