MITRUDU Movie Review by NANEE

Maku Chennai lo MITRUDU movie release ledu, so inka na darling Nanee [aka] Gopal e roju morning show choosadu ani telisi konchem bathimalithe na kosam mana viewers kosam review raasadu. :)

Cast :- NBK,Priyamani,Deepak,Brahmanandam,Ranganath and others

Producer :- Sivalenka Krishna Prasad

Music :- Mani Sharma

Costumes :- Rama Rajamouli

Dialogies :- M.rathnam

Director :- Mahadev Somayaaji

Story:- Mitrudu has an age old story which is provided by vijayendra prasad and mahadev.Basic plot of the film revolves around superstitious beliefs of the heroine and treacherous nature of many people who form the core of the subject.Basic characterization which is written for the hero is very very redundant and passive.Too many twists have spoilt the broth.

Performances :-

NBK :- There is very little or no scope for NBK to perform in the first half of the film.He is supposed to drink nonstop right thru the first half and he does it with elan.He performs a bit better in the second half of the film as the scenes given to him in the second half are better than the first.Frankly speaking,NBK must seriously weigh his options about his future in film industry.He needs to take a decision whether he needs to continue and that decisions needs to be taken immediately.

Priyamani :- Priyamani seems a perfect match for NBK in this film as she looks equally absurd and weird.Her character has multiple shades and goes thru too many emotions at the same time.

Others :- Deepak puts up a good show going by his very poor acting standards.Dr.Brahmanandam failes to make us laughs and succeeds immaculately in irritating us.Ranganath,Chandra mohan,Pradeep rawat and others deliver what their characters demand.

Technical Departments :-

Music :- Mani Sharma does a below par job in his department.2 songs scored by him are good to listen.Background music scored by him very very irritating and substandard.

Editing :- Viewers may seriously doubt wether there is an editor for this film or not.Well,its not their mistake to think so.

Dialouges :- Dialouges department is handled by M.Rathnam.Some of the dialouges written for the hero and heroine make people to hang their head in shame as we dont expect such dialouges in a film which is presented to us a familly entertainer.Puch dialouges written for the hero are very few in number and stupid.

Screenplay and Direction :- Mahadev who is a protege of S.S.Rajamouli has come to the industry with a lot of promise.He utterly fails in screenplay department.Direction is very very mundane and old fashioned at all times.Relying heavily on twists and not taking care of story and screenplay has made him pay the ultimate price.

Summary :- Mitrudu is a film which fails hands down in all departments.Production values of the film are very poor.CG work done for this film is seriously amusing.We can expect it to sink without a trace in longer than a week.Disappointing and outdated film.

Rating :- 1.5/5

P.S: Thanks alot Gopal :)




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