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Aditya ante IIT Madras lo natho patu chestunna friend. Movies ante baga interest. antha kante games ante inka interest. English movies ni picha picha ga choosthadu. Thantho na blog lo english movie's reviews section start cheiddam anukunna, kani thanaki time dorakka vadilesa. Edaithenem BONI movie e madyane choosadu anta mari cinema ela undo thana matallone...

Cast: Sumanth, Krithi Kharbandha, Trinetrudu, Tanikella Bharani, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ahuti Prasad, Chandramohan, Babloo, Velu, Satyaprakash, Sudha, Surekha Vani, Harshavardhan, Naresh, ‘Satyam’ Rajesh etc.,

Production House: Green Mangoes Cinema

Director: Raj Pippala

Producer: Ramana Gogula

Cinematography: Andrew I.

Music: Ramana Gogula

Release Date: June 12, 2009

Genre: Drama, Action

Boni generated a lot of hype, with it being one of the biggest releases this summer. Let’s see how it fares against the heavy expectations

Story: The movie starts with two kids DD and Chinna in an orphanage. Saraswathi (Sudha) who takes good care of them passes away. The children, in tune with her wishes, then decide to open a “Pulihora” (Tamarind rice) eatery dedicated to her. Cut to some 12 years later, and DD (Sumanth) and Chinna (Trinetrudu) turn out to be small-time rowdies under Giri anna (Tanikella). They save up enough for the eatery, but apparently DD’s girlfriend steals the money and they are back to square one. To make a quick buck they join a bigger gang, that of Das anna (Jayaprakash Reddy).

An NGO led by Pragathi (Krithi), her uncle (Chandramohan) and her friend (Surekha Vani) is trying to win back the farmlands of poor farmers from a money-lender, who needs to be paid off a loan of 4 crores. To get the money as ransom from her father (Ahuti Prasad), a corrupt minister, she takes the help of her friend’s husband and attempts to stage a kidnap. But the plan goes awry when she is kidnapped by DD and Chinna instead, under orders from Das anna. In this way Pragathi becomes their Boni, or their first job. But slowly Pragathi grows closer to DD and when Das anna wants her dead, DD comes to the rescue. Then starts a deadly cat-and-mouse game, in the process of which DD and Pragathi come nearer.

But why does Das anna want her dead? Can DD save her and himself? Do the farmers get their lands back? These questions form the rest of the story.

Analysis: The storyline is wafer thin and unsurprising. The first half moves at a snail's pace and the second half outdoes the first in slowness! The development of the love story in the second half could have been handled much well. Comedy is well-placed but painfully sparse. More comedy would have been appreciated as the vast cast is not put to enough use.

Technically, the movie is very strong with cinematography well executed and screenplay decent. The editing has been done with good care and the team behind the scenes deserves a pat. The fights are just adequate and are up to the mark. Composer Ramana Gogula is back in the business after a while (his last was Viyyala Vari Kayyalu in 2007) and his tunes appear to be a tad rusty. Two songs have been picturized well but the rest serve as mere fillers. While the background music is good, the songs especially in the second half, fail to create an impression.

Sumanth as DD does well in the emotional and drama scenes, but fails to maintain the tempo in delivering mass dialogues and in the action sequences. His characterization is well handled, but loses steam in the later parts of the film. He has to choose his roles more correctly and would do well with avoiding out-and-out commercial/mass movies and utilizing his lover-boy image. Krithi, the leading lady is a fresh face, but has to bolster good looks with a better performance. Else, she may turn out to be the numerous imported one-film heroines. Trinethrudu, the supporting lead provides good comic relief and delivers a notable performance.

A huge ensemble of actors is underutilized, and no single actor is given noteworthy scope. The extortion scene at the nursery and the revolver scene involving Chinna have been handled well. However, the pistol episode between Sumanth and Satyaprakash lacks credibility as do the kidnapping and a few other scenes.

Bottom line: All in all Boni is a predictable and slow drama-action flick that can be watched only if you have nothing better to do! Watch out for the cool camera angles and the occasional bits of comedy.

Rating: 2.5/5


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good one there. keep it up

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movie pedda bokka anta ga



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