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Spl thanks to Aravind :)

on a whole its one time watchable, wait for my review

- Court scene.../ (Chitti) ROBO taking Classs..Avasarama 

-Climax lo Graphics aithe Na bhoo.. Na bhaa..fullyEye feast . The Best in Indian Screen

- 3rd charecter performance top notch,..rachaaalu chesthunnadu

- testing patience... last song janalu padukuntunnaru..walkouts / set heavy ga dabbulu kanapaduthunnayi but prabhudeva nyayam cheyyaledhu e song ki

- Kallamundhu yem Jaruguthundho theliyatleee :(

- A costly chase scene but no excitement at all, janalu dull aipoyaru bagaa

- Finally the 3rd getup is ON :)

- Situation leni  Kilimanjaro song, Janam seat lo nee sardukuntunnaru calm ga

- movie Ekkadikoo pothundhi :(

- Dance seq in Bday Party  of ASH is One of the Best in the Movie

- movie entering in to different gendre

- ASH mathram ROCKING  ee song loo Kummesindhi :kiss:
- Inumuloo song starts..very Costly song,..seats lo yevaru kurchuvatledhu, rachaa chesthunnaru :D

- 2nd half starting with brainless scenes ,...teasting patience

- ki ki ki......waiting for Villian ROBO Entry :D

- 1st half OK timepass . interval ki 15 min mundhu tempo down aindhi before 15 min varaku Comedy tho bagane nadipinchadu with out any content


- Unnecessary scenes  tho story nadipisthunnadu

 - little down in TEMO :(

- putting some hurdles in the story , just story ni mundhuku nadapataniki..BTW Scientist NAME Dr.Vasekaran.

- fire accident nundi public ni save chesee scene ..Graphics Didn't Work well 

- Slowly entering in to serious note.

- ippativaraku nothing serious..Just Comedy ....hope all izz well :)

- 2nd song ROBOgaROBOga ..(Chitti) ROBO steps...ikkada fans chindhulu :)

- Local train lo fght , Rajini stylelo Rocking , seats lo yevvaru kurchuvatleedhu , train medha Parigettesthunnadu yendhoo

- 1st fight like comedy scenes rocksss , janalu aapatam ledhu navvulu (already trailerlo Kathi scene)

-(chitti) ROBO performance keka .. Audians Enjoing to The Core

- Villan Intro Nd ROBO intro to all Scenes r GOOD :)

- (chitti) ROBO Comedy balee undhi :)

- ash looking awesome , rajini as ueual rocks.. robo charecter try to make some fun

- 1st song newton sutram , extra ordinary location , 

- Movie Starts off very simple . Rajini scientist entrance so simple nd ordinary

Live Updates ki saradaga ye image pedadama ani search chesthunte idi dorikindi :)....

01.10.10 Morning 4AM show @ RAKKI CINEMAS, CHENNAI


Yaswanth said...

will wait for your update ... hope it will be genuine ....

Anonymous said...

Hey guys

Good news for all
I have booked tickets for ROBO in Casino through limata

Have a fun

Praneeth said...

As per the preview show report Kalanidhi Maradan's master mind production work ,shankar's creativity, RajaniKanth's Style and Aishwarya Bachan's acting combi film ROBO will defiantly make a mark on Indian cinema with a hit tag joining the title.As per the Preview talk(Conformed Report)the movie is going to be a Hit in the industry.

Story of the film:
1st half of the film revolves around the Scientist inventing the robo and the properties of ROBO,Which make the people just enjoy the film and was completely entertaining and gives a feeling of a super hit.Second Half of the film revolves around the ROBO(Chitti) turning as villan for the sake of Heroin(Aishwarya Bachan).ROBO builds his own army and tries to destroy the human base.What does ROBO want from Heroin.Does the ROBO succeed in doing that or the Scientist succeeds in stopping the destruction forms the rest of the Film

The min thing to talk about was the Visuval effects of the film.The film has mind blowing VFX done which reminds you of a hollywood film.This film has Hi-Fi technical values to fulfill the creativity required for the story.Cinematography of the film is to be much appreciated.Regardingthe songs of the film Shooting the songs in some breattaking location(Machu pichu,London).Music & Background score by ARRehman was asusually superb.

Rajani kanth and Aishwarya were apt for their roles.Specially talking about rajanikanth we cant see him not just as a Hero but also as convincing as a vilan.He did a perfect work to prove him once again a SouthIndian Super Star. Totally ROBO is going make recors for sure and for Cinema Lovers its a treat to you to watch a film like this on indian Cinema.
Final Vedict: Go Get Your Ticket Now!ROBO is a mile stone to Indian Cinema

Reference Link:

APReviews said...

I saw the ROBO(T) film @ CINEMAX 10:30 pm On 30th Sep 2010.For the Special Screening for Venkatesh(Telugu Hero),his family and his friends.(I was one of them)

It was Really good.No flaws.

3.75/5 Rated movie.
VFX Were Rocking.

Anonymous said...

mama matter cheppu asalu robo character enti???

visuals ela vunnayi...



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