End Of the Day Talk: Nanna / Deiva Thirumagan

Vikram's performance was ultimate and Kid also done an excellent job

Anushka, Amala paul, nazar  and Santhanam did their job perfectly

Cinematography was one of the biggest asset of this movie

Music was good and BGM very cool and appealing

Movie is slow in pace and dragging at times

Inspired from I AM SAM and MAIN AISA HI HOON

You may watch it for Vikram's Performance and Great Visuals and Emotional Climax

Aakasamantha, My name is Khan, Paa lanti movie nache vallaki e movie baga nachutundi anta

Movie ki manchi appreciation vachinappatiki Janalu leka Theaters Khalee ga untunnai anta, One must encourage this kind of experimental films. Donno when our audience mindset will change


Dinesh Ranjan said...

@ HKR Saami Vikram gaaru natana kaastha yekkuvaipoindhi........theatre lo andharu almost yedchaaru..
even sum left while show was gng on

mudra said...

Pune lo as of now oke show vundi. Relz day 2 shows vesaru each at diffrnt multiplex. Ipudu okate vundi, that is very far from my area. Hope that 1 show shifts multiplexes on weekdays then I would get a chance to catch. Well, the news is... strangely... only Vikram's Nanna is relz in both Tamil & Telugu ESPECIALLY on the relz day here... it didn't happen with Rajini & Kamal too [Observed for ENDHIRAN & MAN MADHAN AMBU]!



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