SINGHAM Movie Review by Mudra

Bollywood of 1990 has seen a new angry young man next to Sunny Deol who has not glued to one single image later, with his impressive and award-winning performances trying various other hard to impress genres like Romance – Comedy too. This Actor is still energetic even after a journey of 20 odd years and stuck with gold in recent times, tasting back to back success doing couple of good films and is now here in his best avatar of Angry Man as “SINGHAM”. The “Golmaal” kamaal Director Rohit Shetty though has taken the South Super Hit SINGHAM (Tamil) / YAMUDU (Telugu), made couple of necessary changes to suit the nativity of Maharashtra and the taste of Target Audience. First things first, the story is an old wine, but as per t the saying, old wine tastes good when served better, this kind of Good vs Evil on-screen, Good in the form of Hero with a Uniform and Evil in the form of Villain with Power, is a tested formula for winning the hearts of common audience, converting them in to fans and creating box-office records too.

Ajay fits the bill to the “T” as Baaji Rao Singham, showing variation in performance as per the script’s demand, his innocence makes us laugh; his anger makes bad get afraid and his furious fights makes one get thrilled. Good to see him doing amazing action sequences conceived in raw form, these are a treat for his fans and mass action movie lovers. He is good in scenes where he has to express his heart’s feelings to beloved and is simply exceptional when confronting the baddies. His performance is “roaring” all one can say, in the post-interval scenes till the climax. Next show stealer of this movie is Prakash Raj, he injects new style to bollywood villainism. He is an award-winning actor from South, but gels so smoothly with fluent Marathi mixed Hindi and am sure he gains a new fan base from north India with this performance. Kajal, again from south, is not adequate. Firstly there is not much scope for a Heroine to do in this Action Thriller, but even she looks uncomfortable and makes one so, watching her beside Macho Lion, Ajay Devgan. Rest of the cast did well.

Technically the film, as aimed for mass action movie lovers, is first-rate in action sequences and with an adequate back ground score helps connectivity of the on-screen on goings, go right with the target audience.

If one asks does it gel well with all kind of audience, then you may have to choose if you want good song dance sequences too in between a thrilling action drama, as this movie lacks of such stuff to offer. “Saathiya…” a romantic melody is one which can stay with you. “Maula Maula” comes as a jerk in the second half when the Lion takes you for a racy thrilling journey. Good that they had cut this song short!

Comparisons are inevitable, so if one does this with DABANNG, in short this scores high on Action with Emotion where as the earlier scores with a Love Track and Super Hit Audio.

I would say this is not just a SINGHAM, but SINGHAMS with roaring Ajay and equally sounding Prakash Raj. An Ok to good first half and a racy entertaining second half makes this movie a Worth Watch on the whole, for the first timers, meaning, who haven’t watched either SINGHAM (Tamil) / YAMUDU (Telugu).

Recommended for typical Indian Mass Action Thriller Movie Lovers and Fans of Ajay.




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