Dhada Movie Talk

Story antu em ledhu, just screenplay based Action Thriller

Chai did his best especially when it comes to Dances, great work by Nava Yuva Samrat

kajal : oh my god, she is loosing her charm, its high time for her to change the costume designer

Twists in the tale worked out well

3 songs are good 

Pale comedy track, a good comedy would have changed the fate of the movie

Action sequences and chase scenes are good on screen

Production values are good

When it comes to fate of a movie, the content and execution is more important, which are the main limitations of this flick

Movie ki divide talk undi as of now, at best Avg to Above Avg antunnaru

Dhada box office fate will depend on how Kandireega scores, if the later becomes a Blockbuster Dhada will pack  in couple of weeks

Special thanks to Chinna


Anonymous said...

movieee bongulaaa undiiii wasteee

Anonymous said...

pedda bokka..........



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