7th Sense (Ezham Arivu) Movie Review

Finally the day has come, in other words, Diwali has come one day before in the form of 7aam Arivu release in Chennai. The combination of Surya and Murugados has got lot of expectations due to their previous block buster Gajini and also the hype created by the production house and media. Unfortunately this 7th sense is no way near to the expectations, to know more just click on read more.


Surya: Surya has done great hard work and given his best as usual. He improved a bit in Dances and excelled in action sequences. Surya meeda complaint cheyyataniki em ledhu. He did his best in both the roles and his performance is awesome. 

Sruthi: She is misfit for this role as she cannot deliver power packed performances. Her dialogue delivery seems to be funny even in serious situations. Looks wise she was Good and Amazing when it comes to songs.  In fact she has got some good scope to show case her performance in second half but unfortunately she failed to impress. 

Others: Jhony Tri did a neat job (especially in action sequences) and others were just OK. 

Technical Departments:

Music: All the Songs were picturized well but the situations spoiled the essence. Songs in this movie are just like speed breaks and sometimes tests your patience too. BGM was loud and Noisy as usual. 

Cinematography: Very Good

Editing: Just OK.  Could have been much better (many jump cuts)

Action: Few action sequences were shot well but most of the time you see either hero or villain punched out of atmosphere. 

CG: Scenes involved with computer Graphics are the Best comedy scenes of the movie except the first 20mins. 

Story, Screenplay, dialogues and Direction: First of all one must appreciate the efforts taken and ample research done by Mr. Murugados to unveil the facts about Bodhidharman. Asalu a concept tho movie chesi unna bavundedi, santhosinchevallam, intha sodi concept la develop chese kante.   First 20mins seems promising and gives you some comfort and will raise your expectations on the rest of the film. The moment it enters into current age, soon you will lose interest on this flick and get bored to the core with the happenings. A better love track between the lead pair and comedy in the first half would have added some value to the script. Hero and heroine madya love scenes aithe wammo wayyo, mana valla kadhu. Enugu meeda lift endo ittantivi chala unnai follow the live updates thread. Some dialogues about Tamil language and Tamilians got huge applause from the audience. Main plot lo commercial flick teeyataniki chala scope unnapatiki, Poor narration valla em i cheyyaleni paristhiti director di. Screenplay would have been much tighter. Cinematic liberty was redefined by Murugados. One of the main factor of this movie HYPNOTISM has become laughing stuff with poor execution. They would have limited it to important scenes of the movie instead of using it everywhere. Though he is a martial arts expert, villain used Hyp against his opponents who start killing themselves in most of the scenes. The first confrontation between hero and villain where villain tries to hypnotise hero and fails and the following scenes were shot very very amateurish. One silly scene following by another silly scene made the previous ones look like master piece in second half. They would have done some more research on Hypnotism too. How quickly one can hypnotise? whether everybody can be hypnotised?  etc. Finally there is a message in this film which gives you a feel that, instead of releasing this film, they would have shown this message in the form of an Add on TV.

Final Verdict: First 20mins, Surya Performance, Sruthi Glamour, some action sequences are the plus points of this movie but that costs you a 2 hour ten mins torture. Its up to you to decide now. This movie is not for those who have common sense. 


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Inception? Is there any possibility to get in others dreams???? 7th Sense is a Sci-Fi Movie and it will be like that only... Try to appreciate Sci-Fi movie rather than mocking it.

Martin Glover said...

It is very much possible to get into others dream using dream interpretation or regressive psychology albeit inception showed it differently using a device. Don't call 7th sense a Sci-Fi when it talks of downloading ancestral qualities through a diluted lineal link. Its just shallow crap. We don't have the necessity to appreciate a half-baked script in the name of Sci-Fi. The only saving graces in this movie were surya and the villain Johnny.

Raja said...

Good review. But biased. I think Surya fans will burst out after seeing this review.

I saw one review which is positive

Anonymous said...

@Martin Gover. A.R.Murugadoss is not Christopher Nolan. He is just a beginner in making these Kind of films. That too he needs to make it a Commercial Hit. Kollywood is not like Hollywood. C Class people won't understand Tough Concepts. As you said, Entering into others Dream is yet fictional. Even the origin of Dreams were not fully justified. Freud explained some sort of it But what they showed in the Movie is completely fictional. I'm a big fan of Nolan and his films. So lets leave it here. I just commented to appreciate these kinds of So-called Sci-fi Movie in South India.Thats it.Dot.

Rakesh said...

worst review for any movie ever..y dont u go watch sum bhojpuri movies,lot f em wid moral values n family stuff...n since u r the guy wid lot of COMMON SENSE,those wil suit u best...also watch "the simpsons"...u're gonna lov dat

Rakesh said...

worst review for any movie ever!!pls quit dis job...not for u..y dont u go watch sum bhojpuri movies..lot f moral values n family stuff in em,i think dat'l suit best for a man wid lot of COMMON SENSE lyk u...also watch "the simpsons"...ur gonna luv dat cartoon!!!

HKR said...

To give a statement like this movie is not for those with common sense is easy job, to justify the same we will have few valid points here:

Bodhidharman episode was clear and perfect. The moment movie shift to current scenario even from screen 1 it irritates you to the core. Thats y i said Murugados has taken 200% cinematic liberty. starting from A circus artist dancing in city like chennai for distributing palmplates? to Young scientists to do such a big research and able to bring bodhidharaman back? in a secret lab that too in premises like IIT? hypnotism = just google it about hypnotism and check the facts..the way it was show in this flick is simply very very childish. The lead character need to underplay till the climax and to which content one will be connected in this kind of flick? these are just some few points, like this there are many loop holes in the script.

HKR said...

Note: I have given only few examples..

Raj said...

@HKR The point you mentioned abt hypnotism is not correct. Have you seen The Karate Kid Jackie Chan's movie. You can see this type of Kung fu combined Hypnotism in that movie. Chinese considers it as one of the Martial arts. Also as you said "To give a statement like this movie is not for those with common sense is easy job" - But to take good sci-fi movie like this is tough Job. . If you see these kind of movies in Hollywood with someone casting like Di Caprio, you might Praise it. Since it is a normal South Indian film you are criticizing it badly. See this movie leaving Language & Region. A.R.Murugadoss and Surya did a great Job. Screenplay and background score is not great. But A.R.Murugadoss must be praised for such a sci-fi south Indian Feast.

HKR said...

How can you say that its not correct whether it is in Jackie chan film or indian cinema, just check about hypnotism in google or you may even consult specialist in that area? actually the hypnotism scenes in this movie are heavily inspired from korean flick "" go and watch it. dont call it creativity of Mr. Murugados please.

You are telling good sci fi movie, if you are referring to Ezham arivu i m really sorry i wont agree with you, just explain in few words how can you call it a GOOD sci fie movie?

As mentioned earlier if it is jackies film or de carprio's film, movie is a movie. hollywood or any local would, how one can praise it? Being a south indian why should i criticize a south indian film if it really has some worth?

Surya did a great job i agree with you 100%, but murugados dint, he is the spoiler here, such a commercial concept he just put in drain with improper screenplay and execution. I feel screenplay was the main culprit

Anonymous said...

if you dont know about hynotism why dont you leave it as one of director's cinematic liberty rather than trying to judge when where and how it should be used. That itself points that your review is a bit skewed...

HKR said...

if it is one or two times on screen we can definitely leave it. but when ever villain appears they have used this which is some what non convincing

athiradi said...

fuck u webmaster.. 7am arivu is better than velayudham.. mokka padam velayudham da

Anonymous said...

7ம் அறிவு படம்
பார்த்தேன்... தாங்க
சார்.... இந்த
படத்தை தான்
கர்வம் என்று
முருகதாஸ்.... முருக
தாஸிக்கு போதி
தர்மர் பற்றி
தெரிந்தததும் போதி
தர்மரைப் பற்றி
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ேட்டி மட்டும்
�... அதை விட்டு
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படி ஒரு மொக்கை
வேண்டாம்.... 7ம்
அறிவு என்பது
திறமை கொண்டவர்களை
சொல்லலாம்....4 அறிவு
உள்ள முருகதாஸ்
மாதிரி ஆட்கள்
ஏழாம் அறிவு
என்று டைட்டில்
தான் வைக்க
முடியும். இதில்
தமிழனக்கு எந்த
இல்லை.... விஜயகாந்த
இந்தியாவை அழிக்க
வருவார்கள்... அந்த
மாதிரி ஒரு மொக்க
�... இப்ப இந்த மாதிரி
படமெடுப்பதில்லை, ��
பெரிய இயக்குநர்
என்று சொல்லப்படுப



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