Mayakkam Enna Live Updates From Special Morning Shows

We will bring you the Live Updates from 7.43AM show @ Rakki Cinemas 

Yes it is mayakkam enna time :) show time in 10 mins for a paltry crowd of 30 or so including me...very poor turn out.

A couple of banners in the theater but where is the all important crowd ??

We are past the show time but yet to be sent into the auditorium...poor crowds a reason ??

Inside the auditorium...finally !!!

Excellent trailer of NANBAN garners maximum response from the paltry crowd in the theater :)

Show time...Censor certificates showing the movie length for probably the first time ever...2 hours 34 minutes 59 seconds it is :)

Dhanush makes an entry...Karthik swaminathan too...Titles follow with the narration of the story.

Dhanush narrates about him and his aspiration to become a wild life photographer during the titles.

Good dialogues.

Heroine Yamini makes an entrance as hero's friend's friend and date...not as a lover though :)

Hero is called "Genius" by his group of friends...Hero and heroine dislike each other after a string of scenes.

Hero is the only MASS guy in his gang of friends..

Vodu Vodu song excellently picturized with some good CG work...Good response from the crowd who btw,did build up to half the auditorium capacity gradually :)

Ramji's cinematography is top notch.Natural lighting used very very effectively.

Some selvaraghavan mark scenes between heroine , her boyfriend and hero :)

Good performance by dhanush in a scene where heroine provides him an opportunity to make a break through in his career and he fails to utilize it.

Dhanush seriously trying for a break as wild life photographer...Stating the obvious once again,excellent cinematography :)

Hero sets out to prove his worth...heroine and her boyfriend tag along :)

Selva mark practical approach...good response in the theater :)

Story moves to forest.Hero's mission is to take snaps of birds and impress his favourite wild life photographer to join him as assistant.

Theme song BG to photo shoot.

OMG...I should reveal this scene but one must see and enjoy in the theater...Only selva can do this.

Yamini is a bold lady.Love story about to take a new turn ??

After an important dialogue...heroine slaps the hero followed by kadal en kadal song...terrific response from the crowd.

One hour into the movie...Slow predictable and some bold and raw scenes.Good music and cinematography.

Hero fails to impress second time :(

Some forced scenes now.

Hero and Heroine are in love...lip lock shot very well...Interval time :)

First Half : Slow paced...Good technical values...Fate of the movie dependent on the range of second half.

Second half starts off with hero moves to mysore with guilt.

Hero comes to know that he is cheated by his favorite wild life photographer.

Good matured performance by dhanush in follow up scenes.

Some interesting scenes as a twist is revealed.Everybody knows what is happening between the lead pair.

Hero is cheated...Hero's friend is cheated by hero...what next ??

Hero realizes his mistake and asks for forgiveness from his friend...good scene and great response.

Another twist in the tale...donno what is happening.

Some clarity now...Hero and Heroine married :)

A very well shot song with some funny moments...Honeymoon+hero's job :)

Some interesting scenes with some more twists in the narration.

Complete change in the mood of the movie...Hero attempts something which cannot be revealed and comes out safe.

Audience in a state of shock with a sudden change in the mood of the movie...Dhanush delivering extraordinary performance in some scenes.

Some bold and undigestable scenes...Audience become restless

Heroine to hero's friend:Un pondati neeye poi thedunum, innoruthara pandati mela aasai padakodaadu followed by the melody Pirai Thedum

Song is shot with some bold and raw moments, people not yet settled with the mood film is carrying

Richa too gives a very good performance post song especially.

Definitely not vulgar but cant either strongly define these as scenes which are raw/bold/painful

Dhanush gives a stunning performance and audience are still not completely into the movie, here comes some relief from never ending drama.

Some good signs for our hero... Gets a Wild life photographer contract with Discovery

Time line shift :) Things changed and trying to give the movie a commercial look now ! ? The real feel is missing.

Purely cinematic International photographer of 2011 goes to our hero Karthik Swaminathan, GV Prakash rocks with his BGM. 

Emotional speech from hero lacks the much required feel nd emotion.

Past 20 minutes makes things uninteresting and commercial turn proves to be the culprit.

Selva once again confuses himself with mixing Commercial nd experimental subject. Though he has capability, he fails to deliver it perfectly, don't know why...

Show comes to an end, Mayakkam Enna is a brave attempt which might not go well with FDFS audience and people who enjoy Commercial flicks. If you have lots of patience and go with an open mind you can definitely enjoy it.

Note: If you liked Pudhupettai (Dhoolpeta) a lot, you can really enjoy this one too. Must watch for Die-hard movie lovers and aspirants like me and a lot who follow my blog.

Thanks for your support, Review and Talk to be updated soon

Special thanks to nanee AKA movie_updatez


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