Rajapattai (Veedinthe) Movie Live Updates from Special Morning Show

Updates from 7.30Am show @ AGS 
Show in 10 minutes ..

If somebody says vikram is a star hero, then I must say crowd is the poorest ever :) show in 5mins

Show time =) Duration: 2hrs 7mins 30secs =) rajapattai

>> kicks off with a Land Mafia backdrop

>> Ivangal ella adhikiradhuku anda saami dha varanum :) Vikram's dashing entrance

>> Hero works as a junior artist in films, plays as one of assistances for the main fighters league

>> Hero's aim is to become a good villian in movies

>> Movie is going in full commercial format and to say in other words festival for fans :) entered heroine

>> Entered vishwanath garu, first fight comes in :) with little comedy along with the fight

>> Viswanath garu narrating his flash back :) along with the problem to hero, Obviously hero wants to help Vishwanath garu

>> Telugu actresses sana got a prominent role :) a powerful lady

>> Trying different variety of comedy with vishwanath garu :)

>> Finally after a rough 30mins wait director reminded himself & audience that there is a heroine for this film. Missing Heroine after her introduction flashed on screen again. A few scenes between the leading pair.

>> Viswanath garu "en kitaye nadikiriya? Kamal hasan ku nadipu sollu kuduthade naan, paavam adhu avan ku teriyadhu" great response in theatre

>> Vishwanath garu guiding Vikram with some Love tricks. Movie takes a leap from its central theme into some entertainment mode

>> Vishwanath sir in a complete different role this time, He is shouldering the comedy sequences of the movie. Audience recieving it in a great ease on the other end.

>> Now lets sing it as 'Podi Payyan ...', OK !!! a song after a while. No much movements to watch but a cool song as it is.

>> Heroine in love immediately after the song. Dont ask me why/how, Love just happens :p

>> Orphanage scene was good

>> Villavi Villangal song on Saloni. Alas!! Item girl boots doesnt suite her

>> Now!! 2 Songs in a short interval & Why is Vikram flashing in so many getups?? Impact less !!

>> Between Tonsured getup suits good

>> Singing done, so time for some Action. Fights by the way ;)

>> A well shot Rain fight, Fans are enjoying.

>> Interval time, Predictable stuff from opening scene. Anyways, lets wait and see what the Second half brings in !!

>> Second Half kick offs with a straight to the point note

>> Movie shifts its pace with some elevation to heroism, Couple of episodes showed well. Good response from audience so far

>> Its a Melody song, Vikram looks aged particularly in this song. No offence

>> Good lock in Screenplay, predictable but worthy

>> Finally hero challenged the Villian, Sana- The Lady Villian :D

>> A new character has been introduced, who is Pradeep Rawat(Sye fame)

>> Some lag in the narration slowing down the tempo abit.

>> Great response for Market Fight

>> Fight is still going on with the applause from audience

>> Its still gooooooing on showcasting more heroism, perhaps the longest fight in Vikrams Career. However, fans are raving for their hero.

>> Screenplay attained its peak pace.

>> Vikram in various getups. CBI's interrogation scene acclaimed good response from crowds.

>> Good scenes, well executed ones I must say :)

>> Pradeep Rawat out and this scene was a good execution

>> Oops !! abrupt ending Climax should have been handled in a better way

>> Lau Laddu song, Showcasting Sriya & Reema sen and ofcourse vikram. Misplaced, like Panjaa title song in the end.

>> Well, a nice mass song can also be wasted in this way

>> All lights on & exits are openend. But the confused audience are not sure if the movie ended :(

>> However Song was shot in good foreign locations.

>> End titles started rolling, Show over.
Laddu Laddu but this laddu is not sweet enough ..

>> Rajapattai is another commercial flick which entertains in parts.
You may watch it to kill some time .
For fans, its a Feast.

Special thanks to Akhil


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