YAMA DONGA ........my view

The most awaited combo of rajamouli and NTR didnt come up well. let me share the positives of this film
1. SLIM ntr...did very well in young yama role..his dances were superb and marvelous..he got lot of maturity in dialog delivery..(yamudi char lo cheppina dialogs pedda NTR ni maripichela unnai )...
2. MOHAN BABU: he did really well..some times he dominated the scenes where NTR is also involved..in the past 10 years i think this is the best role mohan babu did..

3. LATE NTR graphics helps this movie alot..ultimate response from the crowd when both NTR's were dancing in same costumes in young yama song..

4. comedy: BRAHMI garu did well..M.S. Narayana also did his best..some dialogs of ali also worked well in this film.

5. Yamalok set: The major highlight of the film is yamalok set.


duration of this film is almost 3hrs 10min which tests our patience...

screenplay is worst in the second half that too towards climax..

songs : presentation wise songs r not up to the mark.. even rabbaru gaajulu song location was utter worst...most expected olammi thikka reginda song was a big disappointment..song situations and picturisation was not up to the mark

Yama Characterization was not good at all..yamudu personal revenge kosam hero pranam tiyyataniki try chesthadu...its not convincing at all..

most of the scenes were predictable ...so ultimately there were no thirilling eliments in this movie

bottom line: its just an avg film...no repeated audience ll be there for this film..but still v cant say anything con firmly because v cant predict how people ll receive this movie..its all rajamouli's magic..v have to wait for one or two weeks to get the full result

na uddesam prakaram its a 50days film..and it ll be like one more ashok and rakhee for NTR..twist enti ante even movie CHATRAPATHI range ki vellina no need to wonder because its an s s rajamouli film..




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