6 patalu 6 fightlu..............idhi CHIRUTHA

I am not going to tell story of this film, because by this time all of u may already knows it through ur sources..i just want to share my view on the most awaited mega power star CHARANTEJ's debut CHIRUTHA

CHARAN passes with distinction : yes he proved him self with his dances , fights and action. first film ani ye matram manaki anipinchadu..he did very well in some scenes. movie lo FIRST song (ososi raakasi) and interval tarvatha first song (maro maro) lo dance kummesadu..and ultimate response from crowd . only thing is he has to improve his dialog delivery a bit.

Fans ela expect chesthunnaro ala unnadu charan screen meeda...surely he will not disappoint any mega FAN..

+ points :

1. charan..
he steals the complete show. with his mind blowing dance steps and fights..

2. music.. mani gave excellent BGM for this movie..also songs

3. comedy.. brahmi, MS Narayana, Dharmavarapu and ALI did their BEST

4. dances.. as i mentioned already 2 songs dances were superb and other songs also pictured nicely .

5. fights .. total 6 fights were there in this movie and fight master VIJAYAN took all fights in different way..u can feel the freshness in the way fights got picturised

-ve points:

there is nothing to say abt story, movie start aina tarvatha 10min ki oka fight and 15min ki oka song...e format lo 4 fights and 3 songs tho interval paduthundi..songs endhuku vasthayo..fights endhuku vasthayo manaki ardam kaadu...even second half is very dragging and little boring too..

puri presented CHARAN very well..kani e story endhuku select chesukunnado ardam kaadu. maree paatha cinema choosthunna feeling kaluguthundi.. evevo english movies nunchi ethuku vachaina sceens la untai..second half starting lo KAHO NA PYAR HAI flavor untundi..maree intha chetha script ela select chesaro ento..........

BOTTOM LINE: must watch film for all genders, forget abt story just for charan u can watch the movie twice... see and ENJOY

it may not break records, but it ll do wonders at box-office thats for sure..




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