ATHIDI....toooooooooooooooooo much of violance

After watching the movie the first question that raised in my mind was ‘HOW MAHESH BABU ACCEPTED SUCH A WORST SUBJECT?’ there is nothing to tell abt story. Every situation u feel very artificial from the beginning.

For such a soft title ATHIDI, anyone ll expect a good family entertainer. But not even in a single scene u feel as if its a family movie. First of all title itself not apt for this movie. There is some unique point in this movie. In this movie hero slaps each and every character including heroin :)

+ ve points:

MAHESH: MAHESH..MAHESH..MAHESH..he steals the complete show…MAHESHkosam fans e movie ni 2 times choodochu…he looks very stylish in most of the scenes ..and took lot of care in costumes, he is simply superb. Inka akkadakka u can see the shades of POKIRI (dialog delivery) in his action He did well in Dances and fights.

Twist enti ante…asalu Mahesh navvithe entha bavuntado..alatidi e movie lo some 6 or 7 times mahi edusthadu …mahesh chetha edupu scenes tiyyinchali ane throught director ki ela vachindo, a director ki danda vesi namaskaram pettali.

AMRITHA : really she did justice for her role…she looks pretty at the same time Performance wise also she proved herself

SONGS : dance master RAJU SUNDARAM came with same old steps in this film tooo..there is nothing new in dances, but still presentation was good.. intro song(kabadar), Disturb cheyyaku, and valla valla songs got good response from crowds.

FIGHTS : in first half there are 5 fights and in the second half some 4 fights. Entiremovie is like fights fights fights. But some fights were composed nicely. Motham cinema antha fights e undatam valana e fight ela undi ani discuss cheyyaleka pothunna…LAST FIGHT matram oka 20min untundi.. total movie lo almost one and half hour fights e untai.

-ve points:

VIOLANCE : movie is over dosed with I mentioned nearly half of the movie is fights only. (antha avasaram ledu asalu)

BGM : very unsatisfactory BGM from mani sharma..

STORY ; there is nothing much in this story, screenplay is also some what confusing. Script was not developed properly. Director himself confused first and he confuses us. Some of the scenes resembles his old films athanokkade and ashok..and also from athadu and pokiri. ONLY A FEW EPISODES ARE THRILLING

COMEDY : there is no much comedy in this film.which is the main drawback. venumadhav dominates Mahesh in his short role, which is very difficult to digest by fans. In the second half brahmi and sunil entertains to little extent..brahmi character is almost same as his role in athadu. Episodes between sunil and brahmi were little vulgar.

BOTTOM LINE: Mahi fans can enjoy the movie, other than mahi fans konchem kasta padithe oka sari choodochu. Movie ki repeated audience undaru. Families ki nachadu because of violence. Kastapadi black lo konukkoni velli choodalsina cinema aithe matram kadu. Aaram se oka 4 days vopika padithe anni theaters lo tickets free ga dorukutai.

Its just an average movie, maha aithe 70days aadochu.




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