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Don gives time to his opponents to correct their mistakes. Opponents surrenders themselves and mission completes before the deadline. This is what happens in the movie DON.

Nov 20th: DON release in Nizam only.
Coming to the Web World. Take a note of the happenings in the Webworld on Nov 20th, Our Psycho Reviewers enjoyed to the core by dissecting and presenting 4-5 pages postmortem report (pre scripted) on DON before the screening of the movie in Andhra & Ceded, which counts to 70% of the State share.

Nov 21st: DON’s rise in Andhra & Ceded.
Coming to the Real World. Don got released all over the state latest by 8am in the morning and last by 6pm in the evening. As said “DON time start ayyindi……….Haters & Psycho Reviewers ki pack ayyindi.” Unanimous Super hit talk reported from all the areas from the shows screened for the public by the public to the public. gave time to Web Reviewers, Postmortem experts and Haters to enjoy on the ‘pre engineered talk’ generated from the Multiplexes and other theatres in Hyderabad city, not considering the talk from Nizam districts. But their celebrations got marred from second day i.e., on Nov 21st, when the reports started pouring in about DON’s rise allover the state from dawn to dusk.

First time in the history of Tollywood, Don is the only movie, which released with several negatives but hits the bulls eye
• Pre Release Flop Talk
• Weak Audio Report
• No Pre Release Hype
• No Pre Publicity
• Flop talk scripted, published, publicized through web and mobile media before getting screened in 70% of the areas.
• Releasing with one day delay in the 70% of the areas with Flop talk

But Don turned the tables in its favour with Public Talk beating the Published (web) Talk. This can be termed as Masterstroke by MASSES.

Coming to the DON movie Review:

Who is Don?

Let’s go into the details of how the Dons were/are presented on Indian screen.
DON ‘A’: Hero operates a parallel machinery to counter the underworld and saves the society from the under world activities and put an end. Like Dalapathi, Sarkar, Don (telugu), Basha
DON ‘B’: Hero operates the underworld but distributes the wealth among the poor and sufferers. Like Nayakan, Agneepath
DON ‘C’: Hero works for a Don in the underworld with a compulsion of knowing the truth behind his parents killing. And waits for the time to take revenge on the villain, who kills his family. Like Gaja Donga, Yadoon ki baraat
DON ‘D’: Infighting among the cadres for Don’s crown in the underworld. And Hero becoming vulnerable due to his lady love. Like Don, Antham, Company, Satya
DON ‘E’: Hero revolts against underworld being a part of it. But surrenders himself at later stage due to the pressure from the emotional bonding (love & sentiment) with his family members. Like Katakala Rudrayya, Chatrapathi, Druva Nakshatram

Most common factor among the above categories is Don/Hero surrenders at least once either for the sake of their family (sister, mother, lover) or for the friend (brother).

Our Don falls under the category ‘A’, where He strategically masterminds the game plan and his men will execute and accomplish. Here our Lead character will not directly jumps into the field for each and every matter. It is his right hand, who acts on his direction.
Is this not clear for our half knowledged web reviewers/haters before writing foolish remarks?

Is it a Multistarer?

Has Lawrence dominated or remained as dedicated follower to Don?
Coming to the Don ‘A’ characterization in the movie world:
Don cheyyadu,,,,,,,cheyisthadu. Don is the one, who strategically masterminds the game plan and his men will execute and accomplish. This is what happens in the real under world. Lead character Don is always supported with strong man/right hand to accomplish the mission set by the Don. Like Rajnikant to Mummotty in Dalapathi; Mithun to Amitabh in Agneepath; Abhishek to Amitabh in Sarkar… a few to mention. In the same lines, it is Lawrence to Nagarjuna in our Don. It’s neither less nor more.

There are ‘N’ number of scenes, where Raghava character is shown as loyal follower of Don. Every time he opens the Don’s car door, he stands while speaking to Don, he acts on Don’s direction. There was not even a single scene, where Raghava character plays on its own except in comedy space.

If these web reviewers/haters don’t have any objection to the Don’s right hand/strong follower characterization in the movies like Dalapathi, Agneepath & Sarkar, then why they have serious objection in Nagarjuna’s Don.
Is it grudge against Lawrence? or drawing sadistic pleasure by targeting Don movie.

Unlike Rajanikanth, Mithun and Abhisekh……….Lawerence Raghava is not a Star.
Can these crooked web reviewers/haters mention in how many movies Lawerence acted as a solo hero?
In such case how those web reviewers/haters can term the movie Don as Multi Starer.

Are they dare enough in writing the same statement for Shankar Dada MBBS/Zindabad, where star hero Srikanth got good footage. No! they can’t.

What happened to their Postmortem skills in writing review for Chatrapathi, where Prabhas surrenders to his brother for the sake of his beloved mother.
Do we say that Safi and Bhanupriya are central characters ignoring Prabhas?

How many of you agree that Sister character is the central/lead character in all the sister sentiment movies like Muddala Mavayya, Lankeswarudu, Samara Simha Reddy, Arjun, Rakhi, Annavaram, etc.,?

How many of you agree that mother is the central/lead character in all the mother sentiment movies and child as lead character in all child sentiment movies………endless list to write

Web Reviewers doesn’t left any stone unturned. They even went to the extent of making fun out of Raghava’s dead body in climax. Don’t they know that deceased ones are treated with all respect and rituals? Is it acceptable to leave the dead body on the floor?
Is it a unpardonable sin to show a deep sense of emotion in paying homage to the person, who sacrificed his life - Anushka (Vadina) taking deceased Raghava’s (Maridi) head into her lap. This shows the sadistic nature of the web reviewers/ haters. Better they go for counseling.

Is Lawrence right choice for the Raghava character?
If not Lawerence, then the producer needs to cast
• One serious actor to play the Nagarjuna’s right hand role
• One comedian to run a separate comedy track (instead of generating the comedy in the romantic & love scenes as a main part of the story)
• One dancer to dance in ‘Suri Anna’ song and ‘Don title song’.
Just think of how ugly it would be if all these three characters were handled disjointedly by three different actors.

It appears that our Filmy Critics are not able to digest since Lawrence handled Direction, Screenplay, Choreography and Music Direction besides acting. So they cornered/targeted Lawrence Raghava and tried to made him as orphan in Tollywood.. But our Tollywood Don - Nagarajuna, who turned like a savior to many talented technicians in Tollywood came to the rescue of Lawrence Raghava not only in the reel world but also in the real world.
Surprisingly these Critics think themselves as the saviors of the film industry by talking/writing about Multi starter movies, Low budget movies, Offbeat movies, and Encouraging new talent. But when it comes to the reality, they are the first to throw the stones, if somebody experiments or dares to try for different things.
These web reviewers should be felicitated with ‘Rubbish Reviewers’ award, whereas those sites administrators should be presented with ‘Rubbish Publishers’ award.

Hyderabad Don vs Mumbai Don – Is it far from Reality?
At the beginning of the movie, it was clearly mentioned that some characters belonging to Mumbai are made to speak in telugu for the sake of audience convenience.
Even then these web reviewers expect Mumbai Don should converse in Hindi/English followed by Telugu subtitles on the screen. Do they know the reach of Telugu movie and its targeted audience?

During the Audio function and promos, Hero & Director clearly stated that Don is a screenplay based movie holding no story. It is a small plot laced around battle between Hyderabad Don vs Mumbai Don for supremacy. And Don movie is not in the contention of any awards race.
Even then our Web reviewers question the details that were not in the scope of the movie script like What Police department is dong? Where is Law & Order? Will they decide the fate of the state?

If the story is about a sincere Police officer chasing underworld Don, then the presentation will be more from the Police officer’s point of view like Ab tak chappan, Gharshana, etc., But the central issue in our Don movie is the ‘Battle between Hyderabad Don vs Mumbai Don for supremacy’. Hence the focus will be on strategical war between Hyderabad Don vs Mumbai Don but not on Police department. Just to remaind, It’s a two hour movie but not a TV serial to detail each and every aspect.

Yes, even if you talk in reality – What happened to the suspects in Gokul chat Bomb blast? How many got convicted and sentenced? In how many Bomb blast cases, does the culprits got punished? How many years it will take to catch Dawood Ibrahim? What happened to American’s intelligence and security, when Osama Bin Laden’s men hit WTC towers? When will the chase for Osama end?
Yes in real life also, Police are remaining as spectators. If any sincere officer wants to eliminate these under world dons (anti nationalists), then they are labeled as Encounter specialists.
Minerva coffee shop lo coffee taagi, Multiplex lo movie choosi………prapancham antha alagey untundi ani anukuni, Reviews raasthey…………anthakanna murkhatvam marokati undadu.
Try to understand what the Public are sensing about the movie. Before publishing, it is better to gauge the pulse of public not only in A centers but also in B & C centers all over the state.

Starting from “Teliyakodane ninchunnavu, adey Telugu vadi power ante”…………… “Andhra Pradesh kavali kavali annavu kada…….teesukora aaru(6) adugulu”, Don’s theaters rocked with bombshell dialogues. Hats off to Abburi Ravi, who scripted most powerful dialogues in Nagarjuna’s film career. Off course! Nag’s performance with his eyes (not with nose & mouth shout) fired the scenes, but Abburi Ravi’s dialogues added fuel to the fire. I just want to mention two dialogues, which are creating sensation on the screens.
“Vizag ki Beach famous, Kakinada ki Kaja famous, Bezawada ki Kanaka Durga famous, Guntur ki Mirchi famous, Tirupathi ki Balaji famous, Warangal ki Vayya Stambhalu famous, Hyderabad ki Charminar famous, KADAPA, KADAPA, KADAPA, Kadapa ki Bombulu famous”
“Janam kosma ayithe oka manchi SP ni pampinchu; kani Na kosam ayithe ,oka dammu unna mogadi ni pampinchu”

Though the thundering applause for the above dialogues is echoing in the ears and brains of those Web Reviewers, they still wrote that Abburi Ravi lost his spark. That shows the heights of hatred.
Udayinche Suryudu ni ……aracheethi tho aapa leru;
Boxoffice ‘Don’ ga velige ma ‘Suri Anna’ ventruka…..ventruka ni koda peekalevu ee negative Web Reviews & Haters discussions in DBs

Long Live Tollywood DON – N A G A R J U N A AKKINENI





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