DASAVATARAM --- 50Rs lo 30Rs Bokka

Entho kaalam ga wait cheyinchina highest budget film final ga andarni disappoint chesindi... :(

+ Points:
Kamal Hasan: To be Frank Cheppuko dagga manchi points ante 10 different charecters he played in the movie with excellent variations and amazing performances in those charecters. Kamal Hasan has really proved himself that he is the only actor can play those many different shades in a single movie. Production values are really higher than expectation.
Asin is okay. BGM and a couple songs are really good.

First of all very thin story line and too much complication in screen play and narration of the main story line , in fact common audience can't even understand what is really happening Forget abt B and C center audience..Most of the time the director is failed to maintain the tempo of the movie by giving importance to only 10 roles of kamal and not for the story.

First half is ok. Second half is BIG ROD.

PS : You can watch the movie only for Kamal Hasan. May be you can safely avoid if Kamal is not a big matter to you.




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