RGV strickes again with SARKAR RAJ

Now here's great news! SARKAR RAJ supersedes the prequel and most importantly, RGV bounces back like never before. If you felt SHIVA and later SATYA were his finest efforts, you've got to watch SARKAR RAJ. An outstanding film in all respects, this film has all it takes to emerge a major success story at the box-office and a landmark film in everyone's careers.

On the whole, SARKAR RAJ is an exceptional film in all respects. At the box-office, it has all it takes to set new records in days to come!

Indiafm review: 4/5

Sarkar Raj is One of those sublimely rare movies in which every element–casting, acting, directing, script, cinematography, score–comes together. It is an incredibly rare occurrence for a sequel to be as good as or better than the original. Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar Raj not only lives up to its predecessor’s (Sarkar’s) reputation but equals and, in some respects, exceeds it




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