Kandireega Audio Review by Mudra

Ram, one of the highly energetic and talented youngsters of Telugu Film Industry, whose last film RAMA RAMA KRISHNA KRISHNA which did leave an average impact, is gearing up to bite … in the form of KANDHIREEGA, where Hansika plays his love interest, in the direction of Santosh Srinivas. Bellamkonda Srinivas spends money on this and Thaman (KICK, RAGADA, BRUNDAVANAM) does the sounds!

Song: Gentle Man …
Artist(s): Ranjith
Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar
First things first, director – lyricist – music director – singer all together should explain briefly if they are at least “OK” with the output of this song? Or If they say this is their best pick among few trails, then good for them!
Note: This type of even the same song, if for Ravi Teja, would have been managed by his mass mannerisms.
Song: Champakamala …
Artist(s): Karthik, Suchitra
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry
Resembles the tune to couple of Thaman + Ravi Teja works (MIRAPAKAY) at the beginning & in bits! This one would make you listen for the second time too … stays in your play list for some time … at least till the movie, comes & goes from theater! RJS made his pen mark and singers did good job.
Song: Naakodithey …
Artist(s): Naveen, MLR. Karthikeyan, Aalap Raju, Ranjith
Lyricist: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar
Song is loud but mix isn’t pleasing. Strangely I felt like Lawrence’s work from “Dhada puttistha… @ DON” J In fact Lawrence did satisfy the Target audience.But this doesn’t match at all to even 5 Feet 8 Inches… If anyone would have wished for that, looking at “Seenu gaadi comparison”! Bhaskarabhatla couldn’timpress with lyrics. Female singers score better than male gang. Undoubtedly gives a Tamil dub feel 
Song: Angelina …
Artist(s): Ranjith, Ranina Reddy, Suchitra
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry
1stit was in RAGADA then in VEERA now again here we happen to listen to the same kind of tune … female singer voice … nothing impressive apart from that. If picturized with a racy composition can make the audience glue to the screen else they would leave for a “puff” ! 
Song: Premey …
Artist(s): Ranjith, Hemachandra, Deepu, MLR. Karthikeyan, Geetha Madhuri
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry
This time Thaman seems to have taken inspiration from Keeravani’s style mixing with an old bollywood tune (Hawa Hawa …tune, vague remembrance).
My Picks: Champakamala…
Bottom Line: Considering Hero Ram’s Track of Best/Good Audio for all his 6 movies so far… DEVADASU (1 of the Best ever from YVS, Chakri, Ram) , JAGADAM (1 of the Best ever from Sukumar, Devi, Ram), READY(Abv.Avg to Good on the whole from Srinu Vytla, Devi, Ram), MASKA (Good one from B.Gopal, Chakri, Ram), GANESH (Abv.Avg to Good one with couple of good melodies from Saravanan, Mickey, Ram), RAMA RAMA KRISHNA KRISHNA (Abv.Avg to Good from Srivas, Keeravani, Ram) … this KANDIREEGA would not only take last place here now in count down, but am sure this will tend to take down place many a times, as & when Ram makes a movie.
In Short: Movie should save/uplift the audio, chances if any, with a good script, but not the other way!
Tail Piece: Thaman should keep in mind that he is not born to work only with Ravi Teja all the time! A Music Director like a Movie Director should first & foremost study the Hero’s body language & mannerisms in providing music for his film. In fact I liked Thaman’s efforts for RAGADA & BRUNDAVANAM where he tried for some novelty understanding the Hero’s body language too.
What Next? Ram (ENDUKANTE PREMANTA with Tamanna + Karunakaran) Bellamkonda Srinivas (HARA HARA MAHADEVA with Bala Krishna + B.Gopal) , Thaman (DOOKUDU with Mahesh + Srinu Vytla)




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