SEGA Audio Review by Mudra

SEGA, guess could be called as a bilingual whose main version is from Tamil titled “VEPPAM”. 1st interesting thing about this movie is, Gautham Menon being 1 of the Producers. Nani (Astha Chemma, Ala Modalaindi), Karthik ( ), Bindu Madhavi (Bumper Offer) & Nitya Menon (Ala Modalaindi,180) are part of lead cast. Joshua Sridhar (Premiste, Game) handled the music dept where as Anjana Ali Khan (Asst of Gautham Menon) handles the megaphone!

Song: Oka Devatha…
Artist(s): Benny Dayal, Clinton 
Lyricist: Sree Mani
Tune has strong resemblance to Harris Jairaj’s style! Lyrics are good with some poetic touch but at places gives the quite obvious dubbing feel.

After this try listening couple of starting bits from Surya S\o Krishnan! 
  This is an instant winner of the album.
Song: Varsham Munduga…
Artist(s): Sunitha, Suzanne 
Lyricist: Sree Mani 
More than anything singer will gain your attention and glues you.  The uniqueness of the song is it’s an enjoyable melody but lyrically meaning a sad song, Heroine expressing her pain of separation with loved one. Just for reference a similar example is “Gala Gala…” from Manisharma’s POKIRI. Song is good and will touch the hearts of hearts which value heart! I liked this song.
Song: Merupunu…
Artist(s): Vijay Narain, Benny Dayal 
Lyricist: Kedarnath Parimi
It’s been some time I came across a song which motivates rather just preaches in a very youthful orientation with couple of meaningful examples. This song would fit that genre. Lyrics are good, composition got some variation. This kind of song especially from this type of project purely depends on the placement and picturization. Good in parts!
Song: Padam Vidichi…
Artist(s): Karthik 
Lyricist: Sree Mani
Before singer makes his presence the tune makes you remember and rewind couple of major works of A.R.Rahman / Manisharma (even they have inspired from somewhere or so…). Singer renders in a soulful way. Lyrics are good, expressing the feelings of friendship. Singing style is already heard recently, unable to recollect the song name!!!
Song: Rani…
Artist(s): Apoorva 
Lyricist: Sree Mani
Could have been far better! Lacks the energy though bit engaging at times. This one again, purely dependant on placement and picturization. It’s known that Bindu Madhavi is playing role of a call girl. Guess it is being picturized on her!!!

Song: Sega… (seGGa…)
Artist(s): Joshua Sridhar 
Lyricist: Kedarnath Parimi
It’s sad to see movies coming from renowned filmmakers (referring to Gautham Menon here…) having some small typo-pronunciation errors which seems like a blunder kind! The tune starts like as if inspired from Harris Jairaj’s GHARSHANA, immediately the blunder comes this way … the singer stresses the word “sega” as “seGGaa”! If that is the case, then what is the use of Title as “sega”. Also interestingly only when they say “sega” word, it’s stressed a lot else in lines, it’s been rendered aptly! Loud Mix of Harris Jairaj’s  GHARSHANA inspired in a A.R.Rahman’s DONGA DONGA way!

My Picks: Oka Devatha… , Varsham Munduga… , Merupunu…
Bottom Line: Couple of songs can be enjoyed, if ignored the resemblances in compositions!
Tail Piece: It’s heard, this movie is based on life struggles in slum areas but audio sounds classy !!! Should wait and see this classy-slum based friendship-love-action-thriller!




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