MANKATHA Movie Reivew : First On Net:

Thala Ajith's 50th Movie MANKATHA in the direction of Venkat Prabhu (Chennai 28, Saroja and GOA fame) Released today with sky high expectations highest numbers of premiers. Nagarjuna cheyalsina role lo Action king arjun, and inka boledu antha cast tho mana mudiki vachindi Mankatha, lets see how impressive is this GAME

Ajith : Chukkalenni unna Chandamama Okkade ani (even though stars are many in number, there is only one MOON), irrespective of huge cast, ajith simply dominated all and shouldered the entire movie. He excelled in all aspects, especially in second half with little hyper touch, its really feast for fans to see his performance. Of course he has some limitations when it comes to dance, but compared to his recent films his dance in this film is GOOD. First of all one must appreciate his guts in accepting this kind of role for a Land Mark film (50th Film), Kudos to ultimate star and thala of Tamil Cinema

Arjun: The role refused by Nagarjuna for reasons unknown Action king arjun did his best. But his role is limited to 3 to 4 episodes only. Sudden ga mayam aipoi ekkado pratyaksham avuthadu of course we should blame the director for this

Heroines: Trisha has the major screen presence and her role was natural, but her role ends abruptly, After trisha it is Lakshmi Rai who has significant length of role, she did a nice job, papa ki rendu patalu kuda (2 songs). There is nothing much to tell about Andrea and Anjali, appudappdu ala kanipistharu anthey

Bunch of Boys: Prem (brother of director venkat prabhu) tries to evoke few laughs in second half, there is  lot of scope for his role, unfortunately he was under utilized, Its Vaibhav who impress all of us with his nice performance, one must agree that he is improving from film to film, Other 2 guys will never register in your mind and hence nothing much to say.

Technical Departments:

Music: Songs were good and picturized well, but the fact is timing/placement of songs is a mismatch, and it was surprise to see a song for Vaibhav and Anjali, another song for Premji and Lakshmi rai which made fans to feel uneasy :) (kondaru walk outs chesaru). BGM is just OK. First half pathetic ga anipinchina second half speed lo BGM gurunchi pattinchukune antha undadu, Yuvan babu Fight sequences and Comedy scenes lo konchem Kothaga try chesadu kani, antha impress cheyyala

Action : Many fights and Lengthy too, there is lot of scope to cut short the action episodes    

Art: Nothing much to say, OK

Editing: could have been much much better in first half, especially before Interval 

Story, screenplay and Direction: Venkat Prabhu have not worked with big stars earlier but he made a positive impact with his Chennai 28 and Sa ro ja with new buddies, and this is the first time he directed a big star that too a land mark film. so exceptions are very HIGH. I can say he succeeded in satisfying fans but on a whole?? This movie seems to be inspired from some hollywood flicks like usual suspects. First half of the film is not very impressive as it takes its own time to introduce characters and seeds for twists in second half, the comedy in the first half is simply boring. Second half is the real saving grace for this flick with fast narration and so many twists and the rocking climax. the comedy in second half brings some real laughs. There are some nice punch dialogs in this movie kani Punch unna situation lo padaledu. Interval mundu vache scene may be directors talent ki nidarsanam anukunnademo kani, its a patience tester. heart of the movie is a Robbery scene endhukante dani tarvatha jarige proceedings ye movie motham, but a scene ni teesina vidhanam too bad. He would have easily made those scenes impressive with a little more home work. There is no logic  in this movie at all, sudden ga ekkada evaru endhuku ela vacharu ani adagakudadu, just watch and enjoy anthey.  Okka vishyam matram cheppali, what ever u feel while seeing the first 2 hours of movie, last 30+mins u will surely enjoy. The way twists are revealed in second half and especially the climax is awesome. Motham anni marchipoi oka manchi feel tho bayatiki vastham and guess what, fans ki aithe pandaga. 

Overall Verdict: Good 2nd half is the saving grace for the movie.A better first half and a tighter screenplay could have easily turned the movie into a blockbuster.Nevertheless movie might end up being a hit courtesy the hype around the project and the Ajith factor


P.P.S: dont miss bloopers at the end of the movie where u will see a Different Ajith, its fun to watch. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so ur saying that....last half hour is good.... means it is like pokiri film aaaahh....

Anonymous said...

so ur saying that....last half hour is good.... means it is like pokiri film aaaahh....

Sreekanth Badam said...

I watched the movie yesterday.. I completely agree with you.. 1st of is very dragging and got irritated...On whole, we can watch it once...



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