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Special Morning Show @ RAKKI CINEMAS

Positive buzz from Malaysia Fans shows :)

5:00 A.M : Crords starting to gather at the theater.Fans busy with flexis and banners.Ajith is no Rajini as such.For Robo it was like a festival by this time.

5:10 A.M : Paalabhishekam to Ajith's cutout 

Rakki Cinemas,a 4 screen multiplex is screening 6 shows per screen on opening day

Inside the theater.Show time in 10 minutes 

SHOW TIME : U/A...4436 meters length...Special thanks credited to Vijay the hero

Hero introduced as a police officer followed by a fight...Dialogue not audible because of fans hungama 

Titles time...a logo with small pictures of all the movies of 'Thala' Ajith

Titles presented on currency notes of different countries...Cricket betting angle touched in titles itself.

Title song immediately after title credits...Enter lakshmi rai.

Fan wars : Vijay fans who are in a minority comment Ajith's dancing skills and are immediately dealt with by Thala fans...small uproar in the theater.

First song decently shot in pub.Nothing to talk about with respect to dances.

Trisha entrance.

Lite comedy scenes...BGM a big mismatch...Irritating to say the least.

Vaibhav introduced mouthing few telugu dialogues...Arjun also introduced...Small shoot out at a deal.

Press meet in Police Headquarters....Premji and another guy introduced...Director seriously trying to project some comical scenes.

Still at the stage of introducing characters...that is half an hour into the movie...

Movie is set in Mumbai Chennai and Hyderabad...Vaibhav's heroine Anjali introduced.

A song for Vaibhav.Romantic after marriage song.Kannadi nee song.Pin drop silence in the theater.A song which is least expected at this juncture by the fans.

Andrea introduced as Arjun's wife.2nd half of kannadi nee song shot on this pair.

Seeds for necessary twists are being sowed by the director.Audience pretty clueless about on-screen happenings.They might enjoy when the twists are revealed.

Premji...our comedian is an IIT gold medalist in the movie.

Comedy falls flat till now.Director trying to give importance to Premji's character and his overaction is intolerable. 

Editing could have been a lot crisper...

Robbery planning...Leaves no impact due to poor editing

Song at a most inappropriate time...Vaada bin laden song.

Lot of CG work throughout the song.Dance show participants would have a better job for this song.Audience walk out of the theater bored.

Theme music also wasted in the movie.

Small but expected twist.Not going to reveal it here.

Bike stunt during robbery draws a roaring response from the crowds.Arjun is nowhere to be seen now.

Running on the highway and hanging under the van to rob is handled very amateurishly.Logicless and unconvincing robbery scene.

Punch dialogues minus the punch.500 crores robbed...Hero narrating his next moves is pretty silly.

They could have easily edited the interval episode to half of it's present length.First half comes to an end with this long and boring scene.

First Half Report : Very few entertaining scenes...Comedy a big let down...Misplaced songs...Poor screenplay complemented by very poor editing...Hoping for a better 2nd Half.

Second half started.

After a 30 minute long leave,Arjun is back on screen investigating the robbery.

Regular Venkat prabhu set of actors seen all around.

Fans back on their feet and enjoying Machi open the bottle song.Full hungama in the theater.

Vaibhav gets caught and the scene where Ajith rescues him is well executed.

A series of interesting scenes help in keeping the audience interested.Heroine comes to know about Ajith's true colors.Montage song follows that scene.En nanbane song.

Twist in the tale followed by a shoot out.Nothing much to rave about.

Ajith's performance at it's peaks for the past 15mins in a hyper active role.

Movie moving at a good pace in the 2nd half based on a single point.

Arjun is back on screen after a short leave for some silly scenes with back and forth narration.

Again a twist...Well executed.

Ballelakka song on premji,lakshmi rai and other guy.Director trying hard to promote his brother but another song wasted in the process

Another twist and a car chase...good pace...2nd half is far better compared to the 1st...

As we speak...there is another twist in the tale.

Fight time...Ajith and Arjun hand to hand fight for the first time in the movie...premji musters to evoke few laughs.

Time for a final twist.

Post the final twist,Fans are enjoying the movie to the hilt...This final commercial twist should work in the movie's favor...Game Over

Final report in few minutes.

Do not miss the ending credits where you are sure to see a new Ajith.

Final Report : Good 2nd half is the saving grace for the movie.A better first half and a tighter screenplay could have easily turned the movie into a blockbuster.Nevertheless movie might end up being a hit courtesy the hype around the project and the Ajith factor.

Special Thanks to NANEE aka Movie_Updatez


Yellow said...

So Movie is Avg only ya :(....'NOT UP TO A VENKAT PRABHU MOVIE rite?'

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sathya said...

1st half avg 2nd half very nice really thala rockzzzzzzzz over all nice movie MACHI OPEN THE BOTTLE



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