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Show details: 11 AM show, Hyderabad

In the theater...15mins to go to witness the high flying khan

Show time !!!

Movie starts off with showing how barron industries wants to erase the line between real and virtual world

Enter srk...fighting sanjay dutt to save priyanka chopra...all in a dream

Srk promises his son to make a game where villain never loses...srk as a south indian is at his silly best

Song time...kushi ke sang song

Half hour into the movie...snail paced so far.

Launch of raone the game...raone starts evolving by himself...signs of dangers ahead

Song time...criminal...good response in the theater

Very long time being taken to establish the point that raone is out of the game

Finally...raone is out into real world

Sad song...naina song...key moment in the movie

1 hour into the movie...extremely slow...hope the pace picks up real quick

Yesss...time for g.one to enter...thunderous response in the theater 

G.one welcomed with a thunderous roar...followed by a well choreographed action sequenc

Interval...if the last 15mins is anything to go by...we are in for a treat...first one hour is really tiresome though

Thalaivaaaa...enter chitti

Ok ok kind of fight right after interval.

Dildara song time

So many unnecessary scenes...movie completely off the main track

Excellent vfx work for raone comeback scene

Song time...chammak challo

God knows when the director decides to get on with the story

Finally raone comes to india...pursuing prateek and g.on

Much talked about train sequence falls dead flat on its face

Raone versus g.one...level 1...hopefully climax time

What a silly and stupid climax

Game over...raone is destroyed

Movie over...extremely difficult to sit thru this 180min snooze fest...some pleasing vfx work might save face


Murali said...

Hari bhayya, finally movie fate ento adigi cheppagalara??? as SRk is under stake at this point in time...



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