Vijay's Velayudham Movie Review

The other big release of Diwali race Velayudham released today with high expectations. The recent hit of Vijay's Kavalan gave superb strength to fans and even common audience were looking forward for this super hero flick. Velayudham is supposed to be a safe bet considering the fact that, it involves, The Remake expert director Raja in association with Remake Specialist Vijay and with a remake script of Telugu movie Azad. Lets see what actually happened..


Vijay: This kind of roles are like cake walk for this hero and he excelled throughout. we have seen him earlier in this kind of similar roles so there is nothing new about his performance. 

Saranya: This little girl has done a neat job and in fact she scores alot than others. 

Heroines: Genelia is adequate (thank god she came out from HASINI hangover) and Hanshika added the glamour quotient but she need to work alot to maintain lip sync. 

Others: Santhanam evoked few laughs Abhimanyu singh, Shiaji shinde and other villains were underutilized .  Nothing much to talk about others. 

Technical Departments:

Music: Almost all songs are good on screen and BGM is adequate. 

Editing: Should have avoided so many jump cuts, overall it is just OK

Action: Except the Train Fight all other fights are good

Cinematography: Neat. 

Dialogues: Good response from the audience for the punch dialogues

Story, Screenplay and Direction: Earlier Raja mentioned that only the basic plot (10%) was inspired from telugu movie Azad and he worked alot in developing it into Velayudham. He lied.  Only few scenes were his brain child and most of the movie is direct rip off from Azad. Anyways keeping the facts aside, lets move forward. This story has all the ingredients Action, Comedy, Romance, Emotion, drama, sentiment what not. but the thing is, its an age old formula which we were seeing from our childhood. There are some shades of Thirupachi when it comes to brother - sister sentiment, like this each and every part of the film can be connected to some of the earlier flicks of our Hero and Hence you miss the freshness in this subject. When it comes to screenplay, director would have avoided this kind of huge star cast and given importance to the Main villain character. First half of the film is OK with good comedy bits and nice songs with a undercurrent story line and the main story starts only in the latter half. Lengthy climax also tests your patience a bit but the way it was handled must be appreciated. 

Final Verdict: A mass masala commercial entertainer which has all the ingredients. Fans may call it a super hit but it is one time watch-able AVERAGE fare which is definitely a better choice for anybody than Ezham Arivu for this Diwali. 

P.S: I feel " If they would have made this Flick in 2002 or so it would have become Block buster" - You have all rights to think N number of meanings for this sentence. 


Murali said...

Which of these 2 films is going to rule the box-office (in your opinion). As a very common audience which movie did you like.

HKR said...


Raja said...

Yes. Velayutham will be Mass hit as mentioned in Review. Vijay always rocks!!! Next Superstart - Tamil Mahesh Babu.

See this review for velayutham



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